Prior to placing your custom luxury home on the market for potential buyers, appearance is deemed to be everything. Take the time out to prepare your home to receive the quickest return on investment by appealing high-net worth clients with these six simple tips.


Tidy Up

A day or two before the listing goes on the MLS or open houses begins, make your home look bigger and brighter. Remove all personal and unnecessary items that may make your home look cluttered, if needed, rent a storage unit. home buyers like the idea of envisioning their own furnishings and paint inside the home. Create an inviting atmosphere to your open house by drawing curtains and adding an aroma of a light scented plug-in. If you have an empty property, stage your home by renting a few key furniture pieces to fill up some of the space. Remember the more uncluttered your home look, home buyers have the opportunity to imagine their own details.

Keep It Neutral

Adding new accent pillows and rich paints, such as cream off-whites and greys, are fantastic ways to add a pop and refreshing feel to your home’s interior spaces.

Adding paintings of vary sizes and heights on different walls, or experimenting with a gallery wall will bring a sophisticated look. If your home does not offer enough natural lighting, you could add in lamps in different rooms to brighten up your home.

zgallerie_Luxury_Interior design

Finish Unfinished Rooms: Define Its Purpose

High end buyers want to see the potential your luxury home offers. So emphasize the many opportunities that’s available by easily defining each room’s purpose. If there is an unfinished room in the home create custom features, such as an  transforming an empty room into a guest room. An empty basement can become a wine cellar or entertainment room.

List at Your Neighbor’s Home Expense

Too many upgrades, can cause you to lose money due to your neighbors comparative home value. Simple changes can transform the look of your home. If other homes at your price point have granite or marble counter-tops in the kitchen, upgrade your kitchen counter-tops as well. You don’t have to have a full renovation to your kitchen. Coordinate your fixtures, paint the walls, add artwork, and create a more high-end look by adding stainless steel appliances.  Update your kitchen’s back-splash to compliment your cabinetry and metal hardware.

Flooring: You can update your floors by adding a few area rugs. These area great option for flooring of all kind. Area rugs comes in different colors, shapes, and designs. Adding a warm color will add a contemporary look to your rooms. Head to your local furniture store to obtain see different color swatches.

area rug_upgrading home_sarah tovbie_luxury

Bathrooms: Adding a spa-like shower is an interest among affluent buyers. If you don’t have a lot of time to completely remodel your bathroom, clearing out your personal toiletries, adding new bath essentials, plush towels, and upgrading shower tile, will be appealing to home buyers.

Bella Collina_Luxury_Master Bath_Sarah Tobie

Additional updates to add to your home is a wine cellar room, massage room, and/or a yoga room.

wine cellar_ courtesy of bella collina_ sarah tobie_luxury

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a home buyer’s first impression. You want to ensure that your home’s exterior is inviting and attractive. According to Realtor NAR report, 96 percent of homeowners improve their curb appeal before listing, and 98 percent believes it is important to the potential buyer. Small changes like: Pressuring washing the exterior of your home and driveway, planting flowers, changing the outdoor lights, replacing your mailbox, and updating your welcome mat, is a quick and cost effective way to draw attention to your home. Contact a professional contractor, gardener, and/or cleaning service to assist you in taking care of updates.

Call An Expert

Lastly, If you don’t have much time on your hands, call on a professional stager who can best position for home for sale. Professional stagers are experts who understand how to showcase and enhance your property to ensure the quickest sale. For list of professional stagers, visit

If you are interested in receiving a free custom report on your home worth, visit here.

*Photos are courtesy of Bella Collina " French Chateau" and Z Gallerie.