You’ve owned a home for a while now and have decided that you are ready for change, right. However the process can seem a bit much. You have so much questions running through your mind: How do I sell my home quickly? Am I ready to move? Do I sell on my own or list with a professional? Selling your home can be seem like an overwhelming but having a Real Estate Agent on your side can make the journey much easier, saving you time and increasing your chances of getting the best price possible for your home.

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Selling without a Real Estate Agent

Some people decide to try and sell real estate without a Real Estate Professional. I have seen homeowners trying to sell without an expert. It lead to a great deal of stress and thousands of dollars lost on the sale. Why? Well, selling your home effectively is the last thing on your mind when you are working a full time job, raising a family, and having fun on the weekends.  Real Estate agents are licensed professional who understand the laws and regulations, and understand the value of how to sell your home.

Listing Price Your Property

Choosing the right price for your property is critical to your success in selling. Before we can set the right selling price, we’ll need to compare your property to similar properties nearby that have recently sold. Then we will go over any updates or upgrades your home may need. Finally, we will create your custom marketing plan.

Selling Your Home
Once we’ve chosen the right price, reviewed upgrades or updates, and create your custom marketing plan, we will place your home on the market to be sold.  This is where my years of marketing experience–both professionally and educationally will become the competitive advantage.

I will incorporate traditional methods in our custom plan, such as:

  • Yard signs
  • Advertisements
  • Open houses
  • Contacting Real Estate Professionals
  • And more.

Ready To Get Started?
If you’ve decided to sell with a Real Estate Professional, please give me an opportunity to partner with you. Receive a free estimate of your home’s worth.

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